Smoked Beef

(Available only Fri to Sun)


  • Burger
    Burger $7.50

    100% fresh 7 oz chuck patty seasoned

  • Roast Beef Sando
    Roast Beef Sando $10.00

    We put some Caramel rub, with our signature Jalapeno mustard, man let me tell Y’all dip in our Famous Gravy, Game over.

  • Texas Ranger
    Texas Ranger $14.00

    Fully Loaded With 2 Cheddar Cheese, 2 Smoked Bacon Strips, House sauce, Crispy Onions, Pickles, tomatoes,and mayo on a brioche bun

  • Cheesy MacDaddy
    Cheesy MacDaddy $14.00

    7 oz Fresh Chuck Seasoned, sitting in cheesy cheddar heaven topped with our famous mac and cheese,, oh baby

  • Outlaw Benny
    Outlaw Benny $16.00

    Go Big or Go Home, 14 oz’s Chuck Baby, 4 Cheese, 4 Smoked Bacon Strips, Crispy Onions, Pickles, mayo on a brioche bun toasted off course

  • Cowabunga Burger
    Cowabunga Burger $16.00

    Ultimate Hangover Burger, 7 oz Chuck, Famous Brisket, Swiss Cheese and Bacon. Dang Heaven, Juicy, crispy and onion rings


Smoked Wings

Ribs & Combos

Smoked Back Ribs & Chicken Dinner

  • Breast Dinner $12.00

    Served with Fries

Smoked Chicken

  • 5 pcs Southern Heat Tenders & Fries
    5 pcs Southern Heat Tenders & Fries $18.00

    With slaw

  • 12 pcs Southern Heat Tenders & Large Fries
    12 pcs Southern Heat Tenders & Large Fries $36.00

    With Bacon Beans & Slaw

  • Tennessee Chicken Sando
    Tennessee Chicken Sando $14.00

    Swiss cheese, bandits fried chicken dipped in hot gravy & Sauce, dressed to kill with pickles, jalapeños & house slaw. Wo Ha

Meat and Greet Family Packs

Jerk Pork

A La Carte